Welcome to Archie In LA!

Hi there! I’m Lyndsay, puppy mom to Archie. Archie is an apricot toy poodle, and is currently 8 weeks old & a little over 2 lbs! The name Archie is a nickname for Archer (we got it from the cartoon show).

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I’m a healthy lifestyle blogger at thebalancedbrunette.com, and I live in Los Angeles, California. When I first got Archie (last week), I kept thinking of all the amazing places around LA that I wanted to take him. Then I got an idea! Los Angeles is a BIG city (as you all know). LA County has almost 10 million people! When you think of raising a puppy and having an active life, LA isn’t the first city to come to mind.

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However, there are tons of dogs in LA. Everyone on my block has one. And because of that, dog parks have been popping up like crazy! There are dog-friendly beaches, dog-friendly restaurants, gourmet dog food cafes, and so on.

My goal of Archie In LA is to share with you all the amazing places you can go and things you can do with your pup in Los Angeles!

Archie and I will be taking trips all over LA County (and SoCal in general), snapping pics and getting info on fabulous places for pups! 

We are getting Archie his vaccinations this Friday. We’ll get him registered and everything that needs to be done before he can visit dog parks. Once that’s complete, our journey will begin!

I hope you’ll choose to follow us on our adventures, and if you’re in the LA area, we would love to get together with you! You can follow Archie In LA via email or WordPress reader (sidebar), and Archie also has his own Instagram account! You can follow his Insta here. 🙂

For any questions, inquires, suggestions, or just to say hi, feel free to email us at ArchieInLA@gmail.com!

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Archie & Lyndsay